Our first foray behind the former Iron Curtain was made via bus from Nuremberg to Prague. Michelle and Brad had been to this jewel of Central Europe once before, yet a return was in order. It was a natural stopover, as we make our way east to Krakow and then northward to Riga.
Aubrey remarked how the city reminded her of Paris as we entered, given the similarities of the rivers that bisect the cities (Moldau and Seine) and the Middle Ages architecture.

20130721-195518.jpgPrague Castle overlooking the Moldau

Western influences have made their mark on Prague since the fall of communism 24 years ago, which is good to see. Our first meal was at TGIF, which was welcome after several days of brats.

The requisite city tour highlighted areas of Prague’s colorful past. Did you know..during the Roman years, this city was behind only Rome and Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) in size and importance?


20130721-231322.jpgSt. Vitus Cathedral
20130722-072309.jpgI’m beginning to think she likes guys in uniforms (at Prague Castle)

20130721-233151.jpgThe streets were awash with folks and street performers

20130722-223118.jpgWencelas Square

20130722-222239.jpgCharles Bridge

Finally, with only a hair of trepidation we were dropped off at 10pm at the train station, and boarded the sleeper car to Krakow. And I’ve got Arlo Guthrie on the iPod. Sensational.