A mix of emotions greeted us as we disembarked the train in Nuremberg. Even more so when we went on a ‘hometown’ tour of nearby Zirndorf, where Brad and Michelle had their first duty station as newlyweds way long ago. The town has certainly grown in 2 decades, but thanks to Audi navigation we were able to find our way around. The U.S. Army has completely pulled out of the Nuremberg area, and most of Europe in general; a consequence of ‘winning’ the Cold War. The Army post and the hospital here have been demolished to make room for German housing communities. This guard tower was all that was left at Pinder Barracks, where 23 years ago Brad first ventured through as a new captain.

Next, we drove out to the community where we lived, and it was nostalgic to look upon the tiny hamlet and our street. We knocked on our neighbor’s door (the only one we really knew and could speak English), and lo and behold she answered the door. She was beside herself with surprise, and told us later that if she hadn’t espied Aubrey out there with us she probably wouldn’t have opened the door! We enjoyed about 45 minutes with her, reminiscing about our time there and Liam (a 3 week-old infant before we left). She had given us colic tips with him, of which us green parents were most appreciative. Gabriel enjoyed the goldfish and her terrier, and we bade our farewells.

20130719-084237.jpgFrau Hoffman/House/pizzeria and our former community Bronnamberg (top)

On Wednesday, Michelle kept her promise to Gabriel and they had a fun day at the PlayMobil Park in Zirndorf. I spared Aubrey and dropped her off at a women’s clothing store, and ran the laundry (building up reserve, I was). Everyone was satisfied!