Take the Magnificent Mile, add in midtown Manhattan, and stir in a little Santa Monica….and you get Barcelona. Viva! The city is pulsating; pretty people walking at all hours of the evening, a restaurant/cafe tucked in every well-illuminated alley, and awash in fountains and 13th century architecture.


Barcelona came into modernity so to speak with the Olympics in 1992, particularly the beach area which was up till then a port and all of its associated industrial structure. The beaches here had even more women in ‘dreadlocks’, but no medusa in the water this time.

We did a low-key city bike tour on Saturday, through some side streets leading to most of the city sights.

20130714-204545.jpgGabriel in front of Christopher Columbus statue


The citizens here are proud of their Catalan heritage, and often display their flags alongside those of Spain. It’s easy to see why many Germans and other Europeans come here for holiday; it is truly cosmopolitan in every sense.



From here, we move on to another city modernized a bit by the Olympics (of 1972): Munich. We are ecstatic to be returning to Bavaria after 20 years.