Watching atop a balcony early Thursday morning, we were witnesses to the spectacle that is ‘The Running of the Bulls’. No, Brad did not participate due to not wanting to be trampled (by drunken festival-goers as opposed to the bulls who just want to get to the bullfighting stadium). If only they knew what awaits them there – they’d turn back. Anyway, it was over in a matter of seconds (bulls cover the 847 meters faster than you’d think), but the San Fermin party persisted well into the morning. This event recurs daily from 6-14 July annually. There were no serious injuries, to man or bull, on the morning we were there. We did hear from a young Bostonian on the train to Barcelona with us that his friend didn’t fare as well: he fell and was run over by a bull, yet only encountered a few scrapes to his back as a result. But he caught it all on his headcam!

20130713-182042.jpgPre-run from our rented balcony

20130713-183336.jpgHere comes the runners

20130713-183555.jpgand the toros!