“Well I never been to Spain…but I kinda like the music. Say the ladies are insane there, and they sure know how to use it.” 3 Dog Night, circa 1971

We checked out the beach in San Sebastián. Gabriel in his Garden-of-Eden innocence did not inquire once as to why some of the ladies were not wearing their tops. So in the photo below (no, that is not Michelle’s bum), a lovely local (to the left) is chatting with Brad and Gabriel, pointed out a few “medusa” floating in the water. Brad began a dialogue of how we Americans refer to them as jellyfish (all the while he was focused on her dreadlocks).20130712-002654.jpg
It was fun to people watch(though I’ve never known Brad to take such interest in doing so), enjoy a beachside burger, and stroll along the beach.


After a day in the sun, we ventured to downtown San Sebastian, which was abuzz in the evening with lots of open air cafes and folks wandering through the various shops and alleyways. We took in the local flavors with dishes of paella, tapas, and sampled the sangria.



Next stop: Pamplona! Or as a young Brit we met who had just returned from the festival the day before described it: “chaos.”