Utilizing Michelle’s maiden name for the title – sounds cool don’t ya think?
And don’t think I didn’t at least look…but the nearest stage that this year’s Tour de France to our location was 2 hours away (on Fri 7/5). So we kept to our schedule and did our own 25+ mile route. As luck would have it, an offshoot of the tour (complete with their own support vehicles and team cars, etc.) moved through a village where we had paused for pizza. Check out Le tour de Dordogne.


It did take us 8 hours to complete, but finish we all did, and without a SAG wagon! Yet with the assistance of a local man who stopped along the side of the (busy) road, with us off-kilter and about a quarter-mile off our map. Though not speaking a word of English, he sketched out the way back for us on the road with a rock and soon we were back on the bike path. I was very proud of both kids, particularly Aubrey who hasn’t ridden a bike in years. Gabriel did have the luxury of a tandem extension, but he too was called into action on some of these hills we ascended.



We extended our trek a bit to include a walk-through of a medieval castle, still privately owned but now open for tourists.


On Saturday, we took a break from cycling and took in ‘market day’ in Sarlat.


Heard about the rain back home. None in sight here! On to Bordeaux.