Trivia of the day: what’s the most visited city in the world? No, not my hometown in Tennessee but that other Paris. Tuesday and Wednesday here were spent with a guide who escorted us on tours of both the Orsay and Louvre museums. Skipped the lines, saw the highlights, and moved on out. Did the same with the Eiffel Tower.

There is really no other way when you’re on a fairly tight schedule.
The culinary recommendations by the same guide service was spot-on. We found the French to be friendly and willing to help us navigate the city. The beautiful Seine River, the storied history, detailed architecture, and delectable pastries and breads served at every meal made for a fine if brief visit to this lovely city of lights.
Michelle and Aubrey delighted in finding the Gallaria de’ Lafayette, which was a multi-story mall with fantastic Parisian shops and restaurants.
Next stop, Souillac, in southern France. Au revoir!

20130704-220211.jpgNotre Dame Cathedral

20130704-220542.jpgthe Louvre

20130704-221546.jpgview from the Eiffel Tower, outdoor cafe, along the river Seine.

20130704-222621.jpgthe river Seine from museum Orsay terrace, the doors of Notre Dame, the court tower where Marie Antoinette spent her final days, a Parisian “rue”