We embarked on a day long tour to the Normandy region of France on Monday. Pictures really are worth a thousand words here, so I’ll allow them to.

20130703-011009.jpg The American Cemetery here has some 9000+ soldiers within, some of which are known only to God. Some 14,000 more were transported back to the U.S. for burial.

20130703-012350.jpg Omaha Beach, which saw almost 5000 killed, 10 times that of the other American-led beach assault (Utah).

20130703-012641.jpg German artillery position atop Omaha Beach.

20130703-013017.jpg Gabriel standing in an Allied bombing crater, one of many in this area of German defenses.

The locals here display flags of all of the allies (American, British, Canadian) that landed on Normandy, adorning their churches and town limits, leaving a perpetual show of appreciation. We join them in saluting the greatest generation, and all veterans past and present.