MUSIC! Well all right Love too. Thursday here was our rock and roll heritage day. Quick: what do these classic tunes have in common: ‘Space Oddity’ (Bowie), ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Crocodile Rock’ (Elton John), ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Queen), ‘You’re So Vain’ (Carly Simon), ‘Carolina In My Mind’ (James Taylor), and ‘Hey Jude’? All recorded at this small studio (Trident) tucked away in an alley in downtown London. Talk about being a fly on the wall in the early 70’s here…
Neither what I’d call ‘magical’ nor with ‘mystery’, the Beatles tour was nonetheless worth the time spent waiting in London traffic for the photo walking across Abbey Lane (despite the impatient car drivers):

Other points of interest on the tour included the middle red bricked rooftop where the Beatles played their last impromptu ‘gig’ (formerly the Apple Records HQ, now privately owned):


Who’d have thunk that these two musical giants in their day would’ve lived next door to each other:

And here is where Ringo, John Lennon, and Hendrix all lived at one time or another:

20130630-004015.jpg Whoever lives here now can brag a bit, but also has to deal with nosy tourists like me.

Earlier in the day, Brad and Gabriel took in the Churchill War Museum. This was enthralling (for Brad at least) as the underground bunkers and war rooms have been preserved in their form since the bombing raids of 1941. Here’s G next to old Blood, Sweat, and Tears himself.


Finally, we saw “We Will Rock You” on West End that night. While the story was about some weird futuristic fantasy world (cheesy); the music (by Queen) was splendid.


Friday was spent at Legoland. We figured if Gabriel could tolerate both Churchill and a Beatles tour, the least we could do was to provide equal time.



And in “The End”…Beatle fans may know it’s the next-to-last song on the last album recorded by the Fab Four (Abbey Road, of course).