We arrived in London mid-morning Tuesday the 25th, and warded off jet lag by taking a walk through nearby Regents Park with its beautiful gardens and wide open spaces. Did you know (or care): the same person designed both Hyde Park in London and Central Park in NYC.

Wednesday, we took a day-long tour to Windsor Castle, the town of Bath, and Stonehenge. Gabriel and Aubrey got a kick out of the changing of the guard at Windsor, and we toured around the Queen’s sometime residence (not there that day).



Bath is a quaint town established by the Romans as Britain’s only natural thermal spa. Aubrey enjoyed visiting the museum of one of her favorite authors, Jane Austen, who was a resident there in her day. For Les Miz fans – the bridge scene where Russell Crowe’s character (Javert) jumps off the bridge was filmed right behind us in this picture.


Our final stop of the day was Stonehenge; more impressive in lore than in person perhaps, but good for a photo-op:


We capped the night with a (somewhat breezy) outdoor dinner at a trendy area called Covent Gardens with boutiques, street performers, and actually decent pizza. No one got lost, or left, so we call that a great first day.