Hoover Fam

A 35 day, 8-country traipse through Europe by, that’s right, planes-trains-automobiles (and a bus and bicycle thrown in) takes a bit of planning.   Like 2 years.  But we decided that 2013 would be the year we would combine our return there with some “bucket list” items.  Nuremberg (actually, Pinder Barracks in nearby Zirndorf) was Brad’s first duty station as a general medical officer after his internship concluded in 1990.  He and Michelle had been married a little over a month when they landed in Frankfurt unsure of what the future held.  In August of that year, Saddam Hussein decided to add Kuwait to Iraq and the VII Corps was ordered to go and change his mind.  Brad left in December with the 1st Armored Division for Desert Shield (later Desert Storm), and returned in late April of 1991 safe and sound (PTL).

We remained in Germany, with Brad at the Nuremberg Army Hospital after Desert Storm, until June of 1993, a short 3 weeks after the birth of Liam at that same hospital.  We are looking forward to revisiting our old neighborhood and post, as well as some good German bier and schnitzel.  In addition, we decided to expand the trip and visit some other areas, to include some we had been to before but wanted to do again with the kids and see some other things.  These include 1) walking on Abbey Lane in London, akin to the iconic photo of the Fab Four doing the same,  2) a visit to Normandy, where I’ve been told that there will not be any dry eyes,  3) a 3-day bike trip through the Dordogne River region of France , 4) attending (not participating, I don’t think) the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona,  5) touring the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camps while in Krakow, 6) a return (for Michelle and Aubrey) to Aubrey’s country of birth – Latvia, and 7) a visit to the majestic fjords in Norway.

You are welcome to come along on our journey, and we will share photos and insights along the way.  Departure is Monday, June 24 and return is Monday, July 29.  We appreciate the Godspeed prayers as we will witness His astounding creation as well as relive parts of history, both personal and global.